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UK Boxer Health Committee

Sub Committee of the Boxer Breed Council


Chaired by Dr R James

Mrs M. Seeney  (Maranseen)
Mrs L Clark (Clarkenwells)
Mrs A. Jinks (Stangard)

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Objectives and Terms of Reference

To provide expert recommendations, advice and guidance to the Breed Council on all matters related to Boxer Health.

To take Veterinary and Genetic advice as appropriate.

To be accountable to the Breed Council.  All decisions taken or recommendations provided by the Sub-Committee are subject to the ratification and approval of the Breed Council.

Initial Priorities:  To review all the 2003 work carried out by the previous Health Sub-Committee.

To present early and precise recommendations to Breed Council on the actions to be taken on Boxer Cardiomyopathy.

Composition:  Chairman, Secretarial Support, Four knowledgeable persons with relevant experience, not necessarily from within the Breed.  The six members of the sub-committee need not necessarily be delegates to Breed Council or be serving Boxer Club Committee members.

Only the Breed Council shall have the power to elect members to the Health Sub-Committee.  Nominations will come from the clubs and will be voted upon at Breed Council.

Voting:  The Chairman and Secretarial Support shall not have voting rights.

The remaining five members of the sub-committee shall be entitled to one vote each, these votes can only be cast at meetings of the Health Sub-Committee.  They may not be cast by proxy, telephone, letter or email.

Any decisions taken by the Sub-Committee require at least four votes in favour  (ie a three quarters majority of the voting members of the Sub-Committee. 

Quorum:  The Chairman and at least four voting members of the Sub-Committee shall form a quorum. (NB In these circumstances any decisions taken require every voting member to be in favour of any decision taken)

Meetings:  Meetings shall be held as often as is deemed necessary by the Chairman of the Sub-Committee.  This must be sufficiently often to enable the Chairman of the Sub-Committee to provide Breed Council delegates with detailed update on current issues at each full Council Meeting.

The Chairman of the Health Committee shall make every effort to arrange meetings on dates, at times and in locations that are convenient for the sub-committee members.

Press:  The Chairman of the Health Sub-Committee can only issue press releases after approval/ratification has been cleared by the Breed Council and must only reflect decisions taken/recommendations made by the Sub-Committee.