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Juvenile Kidney Disease

The Boxer Breed Council Health Committee are continuing research into Juvenile Kidney Disease in the breed. As an initial step we are looking to hear from any boxer owners who are unfortunate enough to have a young boxer- less than three years old-with kidney problems. Symptoms they will notice are increased thirst and consequently increased urination. Toilet training will likely have been an issue when younger along with bed wetting more recently. Weight loss decreased appetite
and occasional sickness can also happen as well.

If your young boxer has any of these symptoms can you please contact Boxerhealth@yahoo.com

The Health Committee now feel in a position to publish these pedigrees, as approved by the Breed Council, as they meet the criteria agreed and supported by all the boxer breed clubs in UK.
The publishing of these pedigrees is to help the breed, not to apportion blame, but to help us all see the broad impact of the dogs involved. We must also appreciate that those stud dogs used the most will produce more cases and that it is a combination of both parents’s genes that produce the disease.If we do not discuss and use the information in a positive way we will never move forward.

JKD Pedigree Information Date:28th December 2022

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