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The following archive articles written by Dr Bruce Cattanach, Virginia Luis Fuentes and Anne French chronicle the UK's Struggle against Aortic Stenosis
Heart Murmurs in Boxers (British Boxer Club Newsletter 1990)

Aortic Stenosis in the Boxer (Boxer '92)

Progress in Dealing with Aortic Stenosis (Boxer '93)

Heart News - Progress, Problems, Complications and Conclusions (Boxer '94)

Heart News : What's New (Boxer '95)

Boxer Heart Testing a New Initiative on Grading (Boxer '96)

Reassessment of Grading (Boxer '97)

Boxer Heart Testing - At Long Last the Tide May Be Turning (Boxer '99)

The Boxer Heart Testing Scheme - Current Perspectives - Boxer Heart List 2000

Boxer Heart Testing - I Think We Are Winning (Boxer 2001)

Presentation to the American Boxer Club 2001

Inheritance of Boxer Heart Murmurs - Boxer Heart List 2002

Boxer Heart Testing (Aortic Stenosis) 1990 to 2013


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